The Gallant Pelham Series
The sexual exploitation of the antebellum plantation system leads to the death and destruction of the Civil War in this study of man’s innate insanity manifesting itself in sexual aggression, violence, and ultimately warfare as a Confederate “hero” (recast as a severely flawed quixotic antihero) seeks fame and glory.

An Unconsummated Violation
Pelham’s traumatic boyhood on a cotton farm, where he witnesses the horror of slavery, including the sexual abuse of his childhood love, a beautiful mulatto. Scorned by his brothers for being a macrophallic anomaly who sympathizes with the Negroes’ plight, he must hide his true self from civilized society.

Autie and the Prince
Struggling to gain acceptance at West Point, Pelham the centaur trades the heavenly vision of his telescope for the earthly power of artillery. Despite his ambivalence towards the Southern cause, when war breaks out Pelham refuses to sacrifice his newfound acceptance as a man and joins the Confederate Army.